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Marlog Cargo International provides one-stop shopping for all of the individual consumer’s international moving and overseas relocation needs.

Marlog Cargo International transports cargo using a global network of truck lines, rail lines, and partnerships with the major container vessel operators in order to service shipments overseas between the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and international locations, to and from Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South America, Canada, Guam, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico.

We provide rate quotes for shipping cargo in containers to and from ports in the United States, North America, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Northern Europe or Western Europe including the United Kingdom, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Baltic, Scandinavia, Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, and the South Pacific islands. Some of our most popular international moving destinations include: Greece, Romania, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, China, Japan, Sinagpore, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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